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Dedicated Internet Access

Our Ultrafast Broadband is a great fit for most businesses that require extremely fast internet access and can tolerate occasional variations in speed due to contention, but when when guaranteed bandwidth with zero contention is required we also offer Dedicated Internet Access, with speeds available between 10Mb and 10Gb.

This service, backed with an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), is available across the UK, usually delivered via Point to Point fibre direct to your premises but can also be delivered via our Ultrafast Broadband Network under certain circumstances.

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Wide Area Networks

Our Wide Area Network solutions can help you connect multiple sites together whether across the street or across the country. Suitable for both low and high bandwidth requirements such as agricultural monitoring systems, backhauling CCTV feeds or connecting remote offices together – we can procure and install the very latest Wireless and Fibre technologies to achieve your aims and objectives.

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Home & Business Wifi

Fibrecast are experts in delivering Wifi solutions for home and business. Whether you require a single Wireless Access Point for a small coffee shop, or comprehensive wireless coverage for large commercial offices we can help find the right solution.

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Other Services

We can help with most IT & communication projects. Please get in contact if there’s something we can help with.

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