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Fibre to the Property vs Fibre to the Cabinet

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Your current ISP provides its service via Fibre to the cabinet ( FTTC) - This is full fibre between your phone exchange to a local cabinet. From there you are connected via an old copper line.

• Less reliable & consistent as it still heavily relies on the length of copper cable between your house and your nearest cabinet.

• Typically the best conditions still only deliver speeds of up to 80mb/s download speeds and 20mb/s upload speeds.

• Cabinets can often be at full capacity in some areas. This means, even if you are in an area that has FTTC you may still be limited to old ADSL at 16mb/s max.

Fibre to the Property (FTTP)

We however are utilising entirely new full-fibre cables straight into your house! This is Fibre to the property (FTTP)

• Full Fibre Speeds of up to 1000mb/s both down and up!

• Distance to your nearest connection point into our network doesn’t matter. Everyone gets the exact same experience. You would need to have a driveway 70km long before you would start to see any sort of signal loss!

• Fibre is inherently ultra-reliable. Every one of our customers gets the same quality of cable capable of up to 1000mb/s. This also makes upgrading super simple and straightforward if your needs ever change!

Good Broadband exposes Bad Wifi

One of the biggest gripes we hear about other ISPs is about the quality of the included router. You can’t have a broadband connection without one so why not make sure it’s up to the job! If you don’t get the right one it can often be a bottleneck for the rest of the network.

Poor Quality Router restricting the signal coming through
At Fibrecast we have done extensive research and testing when selecting a router to provide with our services, to ensure the very best experience for all of our customers.
Good wifi continuing the same strength signal
Our provided routers are EasyMesh compatible, so extra access points can be added with ease to expand wifi throughout larger properties if required (at an additional cost).

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